Invite the outside in with The Enchanted Forest Collection
Fragrant Jewels' most noteworthy brand identifier is thematic escapism. Each product is meant to stimulate all of the customer's senses to transport them to a new place. The theme should be easily identifiable throughout the collection from the bath bomb to the jewelry to the photography. When releasing anywhere from five to ten new products a month, there is a large amount of creative work necessary to treat each product with the same love and attention. 

As Art Director, I created many systems to help determine what concepts would be most appealing to the customer and how to visually represent them. Each medium lends itself to a different visual style, what looks good in a mold for a bath bomb may not translate into an illustration for a candle label but there still must be consistency between the two. 

Once the product design is complete the mood is enhanced with photography that will intrigue the viewer. Utilizing clear art direction, props and talented photographers I'm  able to give each collection its own unique campaign. Below is an example of how a The Enchanted Forest collection was and could be executed throughout a 360 campaign. 

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