Fragrant Jewels provides luxurious relaxation combined with immersive escapism. The brand experienced tremendous growth throughout 2020 and acquired a larger and more diverse following. Given the broad brush of themes and products Fragrant Jewels wields, I was challenged with creating a cohesive visual brand identity and voice throughout all channels of the brand. 

Beginning with a deep dive into every aspect that defines the brand, I honed in on the unique perspective and offering. More than just a product, Fragrant Jewels is inspiring and creating ritualistic experiences for their customers. Through sales and acquisition analysis and customer surveys, I deduced what experiences or product stories resonated best with the customer.

 The story behind each product elicits connection and community for the customer. To expand on this idea I designed a visual identity mimicking ornate book covers. By determining the four most appealing thematic categories, I honed in on a look and aesthetic that could translate between the four as well as give each its own stylized vibe. I created and developed the market strategy, visual identity and consistency and brand positioning. 

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