Kendra Scott  |  2012-2018  |  Product Design & Pattern Design
For each Kendra Scott seasonal jewelry lines came a new corresponding seasonal refresh to the Travel Bag Collection. A custom print was needed to coincide with Kendra Scott's 2014 Summer line, inspired by Mexico. 

I designed this custom pattern inspired by the traditional Otomi patterns, woven by the Otomi people of central Mexico. The scribbled lines printed on a thick woven coated canvas mimic the original hand-stitching of the traditional patterns by the Otomi people of central Mexico. Artwork from this pattern was utilized throughout the entire Summer ’14 marketing campaign, including retail marketing and online.

In addition to the full design and development of the Travel Bag Collection, I designed and developed the custom Otomi surface pattern. I created original artwork through hand sketching and digital sketching. The pattern repeats, but I decided to engineer the pattern to custom fit each bag of the Travel Collection. I managed and communicated with overseas vendors to source materials and trims, determine color tolerances, QA and developed pattern placement.
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