The Fierce ceramic candle was designed and tailored to the Fragrant Jewel's unique customer base, by utilizing survey analysis, sales evaluation, and customer preferences. Fragrant Jewel's is a spa product and jewelry company that focuses each collection of products around a theme or story. My strategic design resulted in Fierce becoming the top-performing product of the year, contributing 25% to the company's overall acquisitions. Its immense popularity led to a quick sell-out, prompting demand for a relaunch.
Fragrant Jewels  |  Product Design & Development Director

Within every Fragrant Jewels product, discover one of ten unique rings, catering to collectors. I conceptualized this innovative multi-use candle, which transforms into a jewelry holder after the candle has burned down—a distinctive addition exclusive to the market. This unique aspect enhances the product's value proposition and offers a one-of-a-kind experience.
I designed each of the ten dragon-themed ring designs. I carefully considered the preferences of the Fragrant Jewels customer base, known for their appreciation of large stones, straightforward thematic details, and a fondness for specialty gemstones such as this captivating Blue Goldstone. The resulting ring designs garnered widespread desire from consumers, contributing significantly to the product's outstanding performance. 

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