The creation of the Fierce Dragon Egg Candle was a designed specifically for the Fragrant Jewel's unique customer base. Informed by thorough survey analysis, sales evaluation, and a keen understanding of brand preferences, every element of this collection was thoughtfully crafted to resonate with the FJ consumer, aiming for top-selling success. The strategic analysis and thoughtful design proved to be a triumph, as Fierce emerged as the top-performing product of the year, contributing a significant 25% to the company's overall acquisitions. The product's immense popularity resulted in a quick sell-out, leaving eager consumers clamoring for a relaunch.
Inside each Fragrant Jewels product, you'll find one of ten unique rings, perfect for those who love collecting. The innovative concept of repurposing the ceramic candle vessel into a jewelry box was born from the idea of enhancing the product's appeal in a jewelry-centric business. Once the candle burns down, a jewelry foam insert is included for customers to seamlessly transition their cherished piece into a lasting keepsake. This simple addition not only elevates the product but also enhances the consumer experience, creating a mutually beneficial outcome. Distinct in its kind, this creation stands unparalleled in the market, offering a one-of-a-kind fusion of fragrance, jewelry, and thoughtful design.
Crafting each of the ten dragon-themed ring designs, I carefully considered the preferences of the Fragrant Jewels customer base, known for their appreciation of large stones, straightforward thematic details, and
 a fondness for specialty gemstones such as this captivating Blue Goldstone. The resulting ring designs garnered widespread desire from consumers, contributing significantly to the
product's outstanding performance. 

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