An Unforgettable Meeting
To distinguish five large meeting rooms in the new headquarters, the Interior Designer for Kendra Scott and I opted for gemstone names instead of a numerical system. I curated unique stone accents for each room, including custom chandeliers, correlating accent wall colors, and macro photographs of
each stone type. 
A Blank Canvas
Partnering with the interior designer for the new Kendra Scott headquarters, a well-known jewelry brand, I addressed empty hallways by repurposing forgotten custom stones into two large-scale installation pieces. The custom-cut stones, straight from old jewelry styles, showcased the brand's appreciation for vibrant colors. Leading the concept and installation, I created mood boards, sketches, and physically mapped out the layouts on warehouse floors. Each stone was hand-selected for an elegant blend of colors and materials. Assisted by professional installer Tim Gonzalez, I ensured a seamless execution and obtained approval
from the Chief Executives.
Kendra Scott  |  Art Director

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