The new Kendra Scott headquarters was filled with a beautiful art collection, but a few long walls remained empty, I stepped in to fill them.
A Blank Canvas
The Sr. Visual Interior Designer filled the Kendra Scott headquarters’ walls with art; from large-scale paintings to sculptures. The aim was to support as many local Austin-based artists as possible while growing an art collection. But, a few long awkward empty hallways still remained. I was tapped on to come up with an innovative solution for these odd spaces.
Knowing there were thousands of custom stones forgotten in warehouse storage,  I created two large-scale colorful stone installations to fill the long empty halls. The custom shaped stones were straight from old jewelry styles and bright vibrant colors are an iconic characteristic of the Kendra Scott brand. I accented the custom shaped stones with their origin stones, showing the materials in both their natural state and faceted into custom KS stones.

I lead the concept and installation of both large-scale art installations. I created mood boards and sketches for approval of concept from Chief Executives. For a good few days I could be found on the warehouse floors physically mapping out, determining color palate and forming the motion of the stone pieces. I hand-selected each stone to allow for an elegant blending of colors and materials. Tim Gonzalez was the professional installer that I assisted with the prep and installation of both walls. 
An Unforgettable Meeting
There were over five large meeting rooms throughout the new headquarters that needed to be distinguished between, but how? A numerical system seemed bland and potential for people to easily get lost in the long hallways. 

Together, with the Sr. Visual Interior Designer, we decided to highlight gemstones and bring cohesion to the meeting spaces. Each meeting room was referred to by its' gemstone name.
I determined unique accents to highlight the stones in each meeting room, while still giving a distinct vibe to each room. The highlights would consist of a custom made chandelier, accent wall and large-scale macro photographs of the stones.

I worked directly with Kendra Scott to determine vision and concept. The VP of Design and I designed the custom stone chandeliers and I communicated with overseas vendors to develop the new lighting. I art directed the photo-shoot of the macro images of each stone. And managed the timeline and communication between all moving parts to ensure deadlines were met for the grand opening of the headquarters.

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