The Maker's Story:
A tribute to the hands and minds of the artists behind the brand.  

In 2016 Kendra Scott, a successful billion-dollar jewelry and lifestyle company, grew their headquarters into a beautiful 43,000-square-foot new office space in Austin, TX. In celebration of such an incredible milestone, I was asked to assist the VP of Design and Sr. Visual Interior Designer in bringing life to the new headquarters. I designed and managed the execution of a the lobby that spoke to the hands behind the brand. I designed and managed the execution of the lobby, consulting with Chief Executives on attributes behind the Kendra Scott brand to highlight. The lobby walls are prestigious, archival, and beautiful. 
Kendra Scott  |  Art Direction​​​​​​​
The Maker's Story hits the road...
The brand expression was so successful, Kendra requested a version of it appear in every flagship store. I reimagined the Maker's Story into an adaptable installation, tailored to fit varied environments and speak more directly to a customer audience.

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