Engineering a customizable jewelry experience
Color Bar is a customizable jewelry experience that is an essential part of the Kendra Scott brand. In all 100+ retail locations, the staff has the capability to customize each piece and create it for the customer right there in the store. Guests can even throw “Color Bar Parties” for large groups. Soon the concept was integrated into the website and the customizable collection has grown to over 50+ jewelry styles, utilizing 4 different metal colors, with 30+ materials to play with. Eventually the Charms Collection, which has 100+ options, also needed to be integrated into the experience. That’s A LOT of customization! The retail space struggled with a visual display that easily let the customer know they could have this experience in the store. I was asked to come up with a pleasing visual display that would help retail staff and the customer understand all their options and capabilities.​​​​​​​
Making hard decisions easy
Step 1.  Choose from 50+ Necklaces, Earrings and Bracelets

Step 2.  Choose from 4 Metal Colors

Step 3.  Customize It! 
               Pick from over 30+ different stones and materials and 100+ charms to customize your look!
Designing within boundaries
With no budget for major remodels and trying to affect as many existing retail stores as possible, I was constricted to designing with the current wall fixtures– deep inset cubbies.  The displays would need to flex with changing styles and sales and easily be reset by the staff’s visual leads. I created a magnetic modular fixture display and partnered with the Visual Merchandising Manager to design the seating and storage areas. By using magnets the retail staff can easily flex their displays to reflect their individual needs and easily follow visual guidelines sent from corporate. Displaying empty jewelry pieces paired with stone options visually communicates to the customer this is a customizable jewelry selection. Modular magnetic frames allowed for on wall imagery and signage, further explaining the process. 

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